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We recently undertook some original research into global circular economy training programmes for the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO).

In particular the research focussed on the lack of policy know-how and expertise around Circular Economy and industrial policy in developing and emerging economies economies and how this could be changed.

The research included:

  • undertaking an extensive review of the current global training market in the Circular Economy
  • developing guiding notes on how UNIDO can help developing and emerging economies to put the foundations in place to create the desired resource efficient, low carbon and closed-loop economies through a tailored training programme
  • developing an innovative concept for a Circular Economy programme that specifically targets industrial policy-makers and public sector stakeholders in developing and emerging economies
  • providing recommendations on how this programme concept can be carefully co-designed with the target audience and developed to meet their real needs, thus becoming a key tool in building their capacity, capabilities and competencies and a crucial resource in making the Circular Economy a reality
  • identifying a comprehensive list of potential global partners to work with UNIDO to turn this concept into a reality
  • developing a draft outline, structure and guiding notes for phase 1 of this new Circular Economy programme 

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