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Join us for a thought provoking conversation around good design in the context of everyday consumer products at the 2019 Responsible Innovation Summit in Dublin. This will be particularly interesting if you are into eco / circular product development and responsible / circular business practice. And of course we are all users and consumers of goods and services.

The starting point is that we believe Irish designers, innovators, entrepreneurs, public servants, citizens need to urgently have the conversation on what is good design? Jude and I have long contended that environmental and social responsibly needs to be at the core of all design. We want this to become a reality. We’d love if you helped kickstart this conversation.

Ecodesign and circular economy specialists we have over 45 years combined experience working globally co-creating responsible products, brands, strategies and business models. We also co-develop urban projects that place people, their well-being and prosperity at the centre.

Along with business, our clients include UNIDO, European Commission, national governments, industry associations and educational institutes. We are based in Cork city, having returned from Amsterdam in 2018.

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