state of the art on ecodesign, circular business models & extended producer responsibility for fishing gear

Jul. 31, 2019 by

We recently undertook some original research into ecodesign, circular business models and extended producer responsibility for fishing gear in light of the new European Commission Single Use Plastics Directive (SUPD). In particular the research focussed on the following: Creating a

so what is responsible business practice?

Mar. 24, 2019 by

Good businesses believe there is only one way to do business and that means taking full responsibility for all of their actions. We call these companies responsible businesses and believe that they have certain key values, traits and characteristics. Responsible

talk on challenges, risks & opportunities for the Irish wood & furniture sector

Jan. 22, 2019 by

anois transcript for IWFMN event, Cork, 28thNovember 2018 Good evening everyone. I am delighted to be here this evening to share some thoughts with you. As William Vernon (Bill) mentioned my name is Frank O’Connor, should be an easy enough

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