leading the way globally – a vision for Irish furniture

Apr. 1, 2018 by

This keynote talk for the inaugural Irish Wood and Furniture Manufacturing Network (IWFMN) conference was delivered by Frank on the 22nd March 2018, Galway, Ireland. It was written by Frank and Jude. It was prepared as a call to action

so what is responsible business practice?

Sep. 1, 2017 by

This was a piece we wrote to stimulate discussion on what is responsible business practice. We believe good businesses take full ownership and responsibility for all of their actions. We call these companies responsible businesses and believe that they have certain key

why anois. why now

frank’s story

Jun. 1, 2017 by

Born in 1968, one of 4 siblings, I had a loving and supportive family.  I remember a caring local community in Kiskeam, Co. Cork and an amazing playground, the Irish countryside. There were few material possessions but that did not

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